The Top Camping Trends for 2020

Top Camping Trends Night Sky

With the new year, comes new trends. The world of outdoor activity and camping is forever evolving, and that isn’t changing going into the new year. Now more than ever, campers and outdoor enthusiasts are expecting more when it comes to the products they use and love out on the trail. Take a look at the forecasted camping trends for 2020 below. Which one are you most excited about?

Tech over Traditional

Traditional camping supplies are so yesterday. Going into the new year, consumers are looking for technology over traditional when it comes to the accessories they’re packing. That means, being completely off the grid is kind of a thing of the past. Campers want more technology to aid them in their stay in the wilderness. Whether that be with solar panels or fancy wifi gadgets, technology is definitely in.

Eco Friendly Accessories

In 2020, campers are looking for more eco friendly options to take with them into the great outdoors. From more compact and easy to dispose of meals to fully decomposable camp grills… eco friendly accessories are definitely a must have.

Innovative Accessories

In 2020, the focus is shifting towards innovative ways to hit the trail. That means hikers and campers alike are looking for items that are easy to pack and carry while also being uniquely multi-use. Think a carabiner that houses multiple tools or a next level generator.

Structured Excursions

As more and more millennials are looking to get outdoors, the way camping is done has changed a bit. Now, younger outdoor enthusiasts favor structured group activities over alone time in the wilderness. That means, guided hikes or outdoor tours and group camp activities.

Healthy over Convenient

It’s not breaking news that the younger generations are favoring their health over convenience, and that idea translates into the outdoor world. Outdoor enthusiasts are looking to fuel their body’s with nutritious healthy snacks and meals rather than scarfing down a quick bite. Some of our customer’s and team’s favorites include OMEALS and Huppybars.

What trends are you looking forward to this new year?

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