About Us

Trail Industries, started in 2018, is an up and coming company focused on bringing the passion of the outdoors directly to our customers. We are focused on sharing only the top quality products that make getting out on the trail a better experience. We believe true outdoor enthusiasts deserve great quality at an affordable price.

Our focus remains on the vast outdoors and what our customers need to get even farther in their exploration. At Trail Industries, we love creative and innovative outdoor designs that can be used overlanding, camping, hiking, and more. We are passionate about reviewing and sharing the best of outdoor accessories.

We believe adventure lies in the journey down dirt trails, under the sky of the vast outdoors, and can be found in a 4 wheel drive. So if you’re into overlanding, camping, hiking or any activity that gets you out on the trail, check out the many items on our site and find inspiration for your next excursion into the great outdoors. Discover some of the best tools to take along, and stop by our Instagram, @trailindustries, for daily inspiration.

Check back often for expert advice and stories from some of the best in the industry. Read some of their stories here.

Trail Industries Jeep JKU Wrangler Overlanding in Arizona Desert