What are Self Heating OMEALS? A Hot Meal in Minutes

OMEALS | Self Heating Meals | Trail Industries

The Easiest Way to Take a Hot Meal with you on the go

Self Heating OMEALS are one of our best sellers here at Trail Industries. They’re versatile and unlike any other trail food we’ve seen before! Just like you, we were tired of the same old granola bars or freeze dried foods we were forced to take with us on our outdoor adventures. We wanted something that tasted like a home cooked meal with out having to start a fire and heat our food over the stove. With OMEALS, all we need to heat our meal is a liquid. It’s as easy as adding a liquid to the package, sealing it, and waiting for it to boil… all within the sealable bag it comes in. Once a few minutes have passed, you simply take the sealed bag of food out of the heated water and you have yourself a hot, delicious meal! The fork and napkin are even included.

OMEALS | Self Heating Meals | Trail Industries

OMEALS are light weight and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space in your bag or backpack. They come equipped with everything you need to enjoy your meal (besides a liquid).

OMEALS are also versatile enough to be taken to enjoy at the beach (Amanda’s favorite place to take hers!), at your kid’s soccer tournament, or even on a road trip to eat in the car!

Here at Trail Industries, we all have our favorite flavors. Amanda loves the Hashbrowns, Lisa loves the Turkey Chili, and Jon loves the Southwest Chicken with Rice.

How do Self Heating OMEALS Work?

Watch the video below to see how OMEALS works, then grab yourself one!

Where would you take your self heating meal? Let us know in the comments! And if you have a favorite OMEALS, be sure to give it five stars!

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