Goal Zero Alta 80L



Goal Zero’s larger portable refrigerator comes with increased capacity and two compartments for more custom temperature control. It also has 78 L of space and can fit up to 130 twelve-ounce cans. Pair the Alta 80 electric cooler with your Yeti power station to keep perishables cold for days.


About this item
  • Versatile Temperature Control: Enjoy the flexibility of a portable fridge and freezer in one with temperature settings that go as low as -4° F. Perfect for preserving a wide variety of foods and beverages to meet all your outdoor cooling needs.
  • Spacious and Convenient: The Alta 80 has two separate compartments with their own temperature settings, offering you more custom control. This means you can use one compartment as a fridge and another as a freezer—or set both compartments to the same settings depending on your needs. Making it ideal for family outings, camping trips, or tailgating. Keep your drinks and perishables cool and refreshing anytime, anywhere.
  • Compatible with Yeti Power Stations: Designed for compatibility with Yeti power stations, this refrigerator ensures your food and beverages stay cold for days on end. Whether you’re off the grid or on the road, you can rely on long-lasting cooling without the worry of running out of power.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Alta fridges lead the class in power efficiency, allowing for extended use without draining your Yeti power station. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your perishables are kept cold with minimal energy consumption, even during prolonged adventures.
  • Robust and Portable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, our portable refrigerator features a durable design that’s easy to transport. Whether you’re heading to a campsite, beach, or park, the convenience and reliability of our fridge make it the perfect companion for your next outing.
  • Your portable refrigerator comes with an insulated cover that increases its efficiency and protects it from scratches and dings. It also includes pockets for extra storage.